During their worst power outage, 18% of businesses experience a loss of $100,000 or more. While shockingly, 25% of companies experience at least one power failure every month!

Many of these outages are caused by routine energy problems, but a number are also caused by storms, earthquakes, floods and other disasters. The reality is, that the number of natural disasters is on the rise.

Making it not a matter of if an outage will happen, but when. How these disruptions will impact your business is completely up to you.

Using a commercial generator for business as a backup power source for security and productivity is standard practice for savvy business owners.

So, is a commercial generator installation really worth it for your business?

Here are the five key benefits of having standby generators for your business.

1. Using a Commercial Generator for Business Safety

Most business owners use some type of security system. It’s an added layer of security and an extra set of eyes when a human can’t be there. But when the power goes out, so does the security system. When a security system fails, a business instantly becomes vulnerable to burglary. Although most power outages don’t last long, the average burglary only takes about eight to 10 minutes. When it comes to safety, a business really can’t afford to have any lapse.

This becomes especially dangerous to businesses in areas prone to natural disasters, where the power may be out for days, even weeks. A powerful, commercial generator ensures 24/7 power, equating to ongoing, uninterrupted security.

2. Why You Need a Generator for Business Communication

Digital communication is essential for every part of a productive business; from sales and marketing to employee management, and customer engagement. When the power goes out, so does the internet. Laptop, computer, and phone power are instantly put on a timer. This really limits not only your ability to work, but also your ability to plan and meet goals.

A business that loses its ability to communicate with its staff and customers, can’t be functional.

It’s reported that 88% of online consumers won’t return to a business after a bad online experience. This means that by losing power, you’re not only losing customers during the outage but run the risk of losing future customers too. Having a generator for business will eliminate any possible communication roadblocks caused by a power failure.

Successful businesses don’t have time to lose connection to their workers and clients indefinitely.

3. How To Use a Small Business Generator to Save Your Data

Not only is most small business communication digital, but so much of their filing and data storage systems are too. If the power fails without warning, abrupt shutdowns usually equal a loss of information. This is especially true for filing systems that are not backed up in the cloud.

Customer information, auditing and supply data, photos, employee wages, tax information and more can all be lost. Recollecting this information can feel like you’re starting a business from scratch again.

This can all be avoided with the use of commercial standby generators and portable generators. Integrating this simple solution to your business practice will save you money and time in the future.

4. Secure Your Sales and Revenue with a Commercial Generator

As we mentioned above, communication is one way a generator system can save your business during an outage. Answering phone calls, replying to emails and being available to customers are some of the biggest drivers for sales for any business.

But there are more ways a commercial generator can protect your cash flow.

A generator will ensure that your lights stay on and your doors stay open. It will ensure that your POS system stays up and running. Most businesses today rely completely on the cloud for their credit card services, few even carry large amounts of cash in their tills.

Having a backup power system is just another way to eliminate unknowns. Regardless of the circumstances, you can bet on not having your sales as affected as others during a power failure.

5. Optimize Efficiency with a Generator

Having a standby generator system will give your business a competitive edge.

Every type of business can be negatively affected by a loss of utility power, and all can benefit from generator powered solutions.

Manufacturers, retail storefronts and e-commerce businesses all need a reliable power source to stay productive. Most companies don’t have time to play catch-up. Having the best electricity generators as your backup power supply will establish you as a serious business. Being available when other businesses are not, will push your company’s reputation to an invaluable level of reliability.

It’s the type of behavior that makes industry leaders stand out, to their customers, suppliers, and operators.

Making the Choice to Buy a Commercial Generator

In 2018, there were 850 events classified as being natural disasters. Between serious weather and average power issues, businesses need a powerful back-up energy supply that’s safer than natural gas.

When it comes to buying a generator, there are certain brands and capacities that better serve businesses than others. For example, Generac and Kohler are industry standards for many businesses.

For most business owners, the world of generators is a foreign one which is why most seek the help of an expert with a great reputation. If you have questions about generators, are ready to buy one, or are looking for a peace of mind. You’ll need the help of a full-service team.

We can help you with every phase of your project, from design to final inspection. After installation, we offer 24/7 customer service to every customer.

Even if you’ve had a generator installed by another team, we have special maintenance and service contracts. Click here to bring a competitive advantage to your business today!