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Our generator maintenance plans are some of the best in Westchester County as well as Fairfield County. As a generator dealer, we know our customers want their generators to power on instantly when the power goes out. If your generator is not maintained properly, you may be disappointed when it fails; however, it may not be the generator’s fault, since they cannot maintain themselves.

Like any motorized device, when you take care of it, it will take care of you. Think about your car as a good example. Every 5,000 miles or so, you need to change the oil, refill the windshield washer fluid, maybe rotate the tires and check the brakes. This kind of routine maintenance is no different with your home or business standby generator.

Regular maintenance and testing will keep your home generator or business generator running as expected when the unexpected happens. We have generator maintenance plans designed specifically for Generac and KOHLER generators.

The benefit of knowing your home generator will turn on when the lights go out is a huge peace of mind. Just to replace the groceries alone is a big expense, not to mention your family’s safety and security.

Having your business generator maintained is the cost of doing business. The last thing you want to do is turn away customers because you don’t have any power, especially when you know that it could have been avoided.

Our maintenance programs keep your home or business’ generator ready to perform when you need it most. We schedule all of our maintenance customers in advance, so you know when we’ll arrive. We have a checklist of items that need to be checked and left with you, so you know what we did. (This checklist available for download below).

The most common plan our customers select (assuming backup/exercise hours only) is one Level 1 service and one Level 2 service each year. If you have healthcare/life safety or other critical applications, then additional service may be required.

Give us a call today and you can rest assured you’ve done your part to keep the lights on when they go out. Your family will thank you

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  • Regular maintenance adds years of life to your generator
  • Catching minor problems is the best way to avoid larger ones
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