Electricity demand in the summer is 22 percent higher than in the winter.

This high demand mixed with severe heat and extreme weather often leads to power outages and brownouts.

Having a generator will help get you through periods of no power, it will help keep your AC on, business running and life comfortable. Even though you’ll need to reset your system after a power failure, you’ll at least know that your power will turn back on with the help of a generator.

How to Turn Your AC Back On After Severe Weather

Sudden energy failures and power surges can put stress on your air conditioning unit. Resetting your unit the right or wrong way can literally make or break your air system.

So how can you reset your unit without risking further damage? Read the guide to turning your air conditioning unit back on after a power outage below.

Step 1: Turn Everything Off

The first step is to shut the whole air system down. When the power turns off suddenly, it’s likely that a power surge caused an error in your energy system.

The best way to handle this problem is with a total reset.

First, you’ll want to turn off the air conditioning unit via the thermostat. There should be a button labeled “power” that you can switch off.

Next, you’ll want to shut down the circuit breaker. It should also have a “power” button you can flip off. Sometimes these boxes can be difficult to find. Check basements, closets, garages and other “hidden” areas of a home or business to locate it.

Step 2: Check the Air Conditioner for Damage

After the power is off, you’ll need to check your unit for electrical and water damage. Severe heat and extreme weather can cause physical and technical damage to an electrical system.

If you experienced a power surge, chances are that your unit is fine. However, it’s always best to check all the boxes when undergoing a reset.

Check for rusted and damaged tubes, smoke and anything else out of the ordinary. This is a great opportunity for an air conditioner check-up.

Step 3: Wait at Least 30 Minutes

Going with no air conditioner in summer for an extended period of time is hard. Thirty minutes can seem long, especially when you’re stressed out and sweating.

But when you have a generator, relief is guaranteed after that 30 minute period is over. If you don’t have a back-up, the unknowns can wreak havoc on your life.

But undergoing the step above will make the time pass quickly.

After the power goes out, your air conditioning unit needs a moment to reset. This process typically takes about half an hour.

It’s essential to turn everything else, like the thermostat and circuit breaker off, so that your unit really has an undisturbed period to relax.

Step 4: Turn Everything Back On

Once you’ve given your air conditioning unit a break, it’s time to turn the system back on.

Start by switching the circuit breaker back on. Next, power-up the thermostat. Even though you might be hot, you shouldn’t set the unit cooler than five degrees below the room temperature.

If nothing is broken or damaged, the air conditioner should turn back on without issue after this step.

Step 5: Get Professional Help

If you’ve followed the steps above and your air conditioner is still not running properly, it’s time to call a professional. It’s very easy for non-professionals to overlook potential issues. So having a professional check your equipment is never a bad idea.

How to Report a Summer Power Outage in the Westchester, New York Area

The most important thing to remember when the power goes out is to stay calm. Unless you are experiencing a catastrophic disaster or the apocalypse, the power should turn back on.

If you are in a life-threatening situation call 911.

You can report a power outage no AC in Westchester, New York by calling the New York State Electric and Gas Company (NYSEG). Their phone number for reporting outages is 800.572.1131, for gas leaks, call 800.572.1121.

If you’re experiencing a generator failure, or have decided it is time to add a generator to your home, Greenwich Power Systems has 24/7 emergency support. Our emergency contact phone number is 203.900.1122 or visit our emergency support website page.

While you’re waiting for the power to restart, consider these tips:

  • If you are experiencing an outage, it’s best to power down all electrical equipment, since these can be sensitive to power surges when the electricity restarts. Just remember to leave at least one light on, so you know when electricity has been restored.
  • Try to keep the refrigerator and freezer closed as much as possible, to conserve as much cool air as possible.
  • Use all alternative energy sources like a residential generator, home generator, propane grill and camp stoves outside only. However, if its raining or there is a thunderstorm happening, don’t use them at all.

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